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At Daytona Defense & Tactical, we don’t only manufacture high quality weapons & parts for our own company, We want to offer the same quality products for you company as well. We can do marking variances of standard pieces like the AR-15 platform, the AR .308 platform, & the 1911 pistol platform.If you are a type 07 FFL manufacturer, and would like someone to make your receivers / parts for you, we can get the job done. The process is simple. We talk to you and decide what you want on your parts. we will get things drawn up and approved by you. We then deal directly with the B.A.T.F.E. and submit a “Marking Variance”. Once the Marking Variance is approved, we are authorized by ATF to manufacture your serialized parts.The parts you receive will only have your name and markings. The are tons of options. From markings, to logos, coatings, and other parts as well. Send us your request on the contact form to get the process started.

- Daytona Defense & Tactical Staff