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Daytona Defense & Tactical 80% Jig Kit

Daytona Defense & Tactical 80% Jig Kits are made from Billet 6061 aluminum. These jig kits were designed with one thing in mind. Precision. Our jig kit doesn’t use multiple areas of a lower to locate from, and it doesn’t have “stacking tolerances”. Our “Master Plate” is a solid piece of aluminum that locates off the pivot pin, which is also the “Datum” of a lower receiver. Our master plate also has locating pins and locking screws to make sure nothing can move. On the underside of the jig, we included a tapped location that sits on one of the only machined surfaces of the 80%, the pistol grip. There, you can attach a screw and lock everything down tight. With the jig secured, and machined out, you can look to the side plates. Which have hardened steel drill bushings, and are about half the side of competitors to cut down on all the weight and clutter you have to deal with. Our jig kits are finished off with red & black anodizing and includes all the hardware needed to assemble the jig kit.